We gather each week at 10:00 AM. Each week we pray, encounter music in some way, and culminate together at the Table of Christ (aka communion, the Eucharist, Lord's Supper, etc). 

After the shake up that was the global pandemic of 2020-2021, we are trying to become more intentional about being shaped in particular ways according to Christian responsibilities. We gather to be formed, to rest together, to breathe and pray, to receive from God together, and to give our praise to a loving God in Christ. We are shaped by the Word of God who is Christ, and the grace of the Table to which he invites us. We are then sent back into the world to be light, offering hope for today and strength for tomorrow. There are a number of ways the Church is called and we have chosen to focus on a different responsibility each week: worship, discipleship, justice, & fellowship. 

All gatherings are at our chapel (235 North Street, Hingham, MA 02043). We usually have anywhere from 40-60 people in our gatherings. All are welcome.

If you have any questions about our gatherings, email us.