2nd Sunday Discipleship

We are transitioning to ONE GATHERING each week at 10:00 AM beginning September 10. However, we expect that elements of 2nd Sunday Discipleship will be retained for that week each month. 

Every 2nd Sunday of the month, we gather for teachings on discipleship

Discipleship is the core of what keeps the church moving on the way of Christ. The problem is, not all of us actually know what discipleship is. How do we do discipleship? This week is where and when we will try to answer that question. We will take a look at what a discipleship relationship can look like and explore the spiritual practices that have been passed down through the generations. These spiritual practices place us in the presence of God, so that our relationship with Him may grow, so that we may experience the joy and peace that only God can bring, and so we then may go forth and love on our neighbors. We must learn what that essential relationship looks like, and what that love should look like. We will also be acting out these spiritual practices as a group at times as well. We will also hear testimonies, so that we can hear the amazing things that God has been doing in the world today. Most of the speakers will have a close and personal relationship with the world of discipleship.  

If you have an idea or question for our Discipleship Sundays, reach out to Pastor Kurt Gerold.