3rd Sunday Justice

We are transitioning to ONE GATHERING each week at 10:00 AM beginning September 10. However, we expect that elements of 3rd Sunday Justice will be retained for that week each month. 

Every 3rd Sunday of the month, we gather for justice awareness and/or action. 

Christians are called to participate in the righteousness of God. In the Bible (both Old & New Testaments), righteousness and justice are the same discussion. Over the years, our church has been deeply concerned about such things through practices of compassion, beginning Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore in the 1980s and The Anchor of Hull in 2016. 

Ultimately, the church's call to participate in the justice of God is not something for the side aisles of the Church. Our action should not be only a para-church, extracurricular activity. To be sure, justice is in the heart of the will of God and the compassion of Christ. 

For us, to deal with justice is to ask the question, "What - according to the will of a loving and just God - is wrong in this world?" ...and to answer it with awareness, voice, and action.

From month-to-month, our justice Sundays may look pretty different, ranging from an effort to be good listeners, or charitable, or sacrificially compassionate. Sometimes we seek mostly to become aware about what someone(s) is doing to right the wrongs of the world. Sometimes we may have a conversation amongst ourselves as to what we think we should be doing because the answers are not always easily understood, even across the Christian faith. And sometimes on these Sundays, we will actually go and seek to participate in giving voice or action to what needs to be righted in the world.

If you have any ideas for our Third Sunday Justice gatherings, please reach out to Pastor Jeremy.

Take a watch of the video below in which Pastor Jeremy shares some of the foundations for justice.


September 19 - An Introduction to Justice

October 17 - Action Sunday: Cleaning & Prepping the Imago Dei House

November 21 - Dr. Peter Scanlon - The Vandermark Foundation (Clean Water & Resourcing in the Dominican Republic)

December 19 - Action Sunday (two groups): Worshiping with Common Cathedral or Celebrating with Friends of the Homeless 

January 16 - Pastor Dennis on the life & ministry of Charles Johnson

February 20 - The New Testament & Incarceration

March 20 - The United States & Incarceration