9:00 AM Word & Table

Our Word & Table service is being retired. The last Sunday will be September 3 as we transition to ONE GATHERING each week at 10:00 AM beginning September 10. However, we expect that many beloved elements of the Word & Table service will be retained each week (namely the Table liturgy and our corporate prayer format). 

We gather each week* at 9:00 at our chapel for a Service of the Word & Table.

This hour (or so) long worship service is meant to be simple, reflective, sometimes celebratory, sometimes lamentful, always centered on Christ the Word & his table. We most often follow the Revised Common Lectionary in union with much of the the Church throughout the world. We read scripture, hear a 10-15 minute homily, pray, sing (2-3 songs), and listen. And then we conclusively end at the table of Christ, receiving his grace to begin the forthcoming week.

You should wear clothes that are comfortable to you. 

All who would come to Christ are welcome to receive the elements of communion. As of now, we are still using prepackaged elements for communion in light of the COVID pandemic.

The nursery is open and attended for children ages 0-4. 

*Except when there is a fifth Sunday in a given month.